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Advanced Tools

Current ver 1.0
Android 2.1 or higher

  • Free with Ads
  • All in one to explore, manage and set-up: take control of your android device!


Advanced Tools provides a set of tools to manage your device in almost all of its aspects. It works for root and non-root users (root users have a wider range of features).

Advanced Tools is: file manager, task manager, apk manager, system manager and much more..

File Manager:
This innovative file manager provides four tabs which allow to navigate through folders, copy or move your files in a way never been easier. If you are working on different folders you won't need to navigate back every time, just switch between them by clicking the tab buttons.
All the typical file operations are supported (copy, cut, delete, rename, change permissions, send via bluetooth, and more), moreover, included a mini-text editor with the ability to create new text files and a zip tool capable of zip, unzip, zip browsing and copy from zip functions.
Root users can access and modify any content including those in data, cache and systems folders.

Task Manager:
This tool allows to kill unwanted processes which run in background, it also provides in-depth info over the running services and provides security options such as filters for system processes and the "safe-list" to preserve the items included from accidental kills.

Apk Manager:
Manage, remove or retrieve detailed info over the Android Packages (Apk) installed on your device.
Root users have the ability to freeze and/or delete system applications, use with caution!

System Manager:
This tool allows to access those internal settings, such as the build properties and the kernel's virtual memory parameters, which are normally hidden to the end user. It also provides a whole set of info regarding system and hardware installed on your device. These info can be browsed by category: System (general), build, memory, graphic, hardware (device and cpu), battery pack.
Root users have the ability to change (and restore) the values listed in Properties and Kernel tabs, otherwise these values are read only.

Advanced Tools Terminal:
It's a console which accepts linux commands (pseudo terminal emulator) plus quick buttons to easily mount, remount, change permissions and more.
Only available in Pro version.

Widescreen and screen orientation supported.
Option to show or hide the notification bar (fullscreen).

If you like to use the root functions make sure your device is properly rooted and don't forget to check the "root functions" option in general settings.
For root users Advanced Tools makes available powerful features, please note, if used improperly they could be extremely dangerous, be aware of which actions are safe to do and which are not, the author(s) does not take any responsibility for any damage you may have.

Enjoy Advanced Tools!

available on Android market

Advanced Tools on Android market

Advancec Tools Pro

Current ver 1.0
Android 2.1 or higher

Paid key to upgrade Advanced Tools to Pro version:

  • No Ads
  • Full features

Available on Android market

Advanced Tools Pro on Android market

SystemApk Manager

Current ver 1.2
Android 2.1 or higher

  • Free with Ads
  • Root phones only!


SAM allows you to remove, restore, or permanently delete system applications with just one click.
Fast and useful when you need to remove those preinstalled apps that normally can not be uninstalled.
Remove bloatware or unused apps from your system has never been easier.


Some of the system apps must not be removed.
Please be aware of which apps are safe to remove and which not.
The author does not assume responsibility for any damage you could have.

available on Android market

SystemApk Manager on Android market

SystemApkManager Pro

Current ver 1.0
Android 2.1 or higher

Paid key to upgrade SAM to Pro version:

  • No Ads
  • Dedicated updates

Available on Android market

SystemApk Manager Pro on Android market

WiMo applications


Current ver 0.7
WindowsMobile 5.0 or higher


LiteTrack is the right tool to record your route, save off-road paths, retrace a journey, obtain detailed gps data, or simply get your position on the map.
All staying offline!

  • Display your position on the map
  • Download maps from OpenStreetMap sources directly to your device
  • Track your routes, also off-road, and save them to files
  • Obtain track's statistics, also in realtime
  • Append new tracks to existing track files
  • View tracks in a separate context (Track Viewer)
  • Export tracks to GPX and KML
  • Save your current position as a new POI
  • Attach comment and picture to your POIs
  • Import tracks and POIs on the selected map
  • Get detailed GPS info (lon, lat, alt, speed, heading, DOP, hDOP, vDOP and more)
  • Display charts about satellites setected
  • Obtain specific data about each satellite (id, azimuth, elevation, signal strength)
  • Gadgets feature: get weather forecast, compass, clock and system monitor
  • UI attractive, finger friendly, real full-screen usage.

Note: this app works offline, anyhow, a connection is required to download maps / get weather forecast (from Yahoo! Weather)

Download LiteTrack 0.7


Current ver 2.7
WindowsMobile 5.0 or higher


NotepadWS is a notepad-like application with tabs feature and some interesting tools such as the Web Search.

  • Edit up to four different text files in the same session.
  • Switch from one tab to another with just one click.
  • Ability to add or remove tool bars at any time.
  • Configure each tab separately.
  • Online search of selected word or text; google search, wikisearch, dictionary.

Download NotepadWS 2.7


Current ver 1.0 beta
WindowsMobile 5.0 or higher


RegEditOne is:
a registry editor for Win Mobile touchscreen devices,
a wizard to easily perform the tuning of the system,
a powerful fast and ultra-light tool that keeps up just few hundreds KB of memory.


Left button: tuning wizard / back to reg editor
Right button: show keyboard / hide keyboard

  • Easy navigation through registry keys.
  • Search bar (find a key and/or value).
  • Auto-backup of values being edited.
  • Easy wizard interface.

Note: the project is uncomplete.

Download RegEditOne 1.0 beta

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Advanced Tools Free
Advanced Tools Pro
SystemApk Manager Free
SystemApk Manager Pro

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