Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to "Ambience",
mobile application offered by SCDevs.


We do NOT access, collect or share personal
information such as contacts, call history,
account data, phone number, credit card
number or any other info that may reveal
your identity.


We do NOT access, collect or share
anonymous data for statistics or any other
purpose, we do not use analytics tools of
any kind.


Ambience is supported by ads, provider of
the advertising service is AdMob by Google.
The app only serves non-personalized ads
that means your personal data, interests
and position are NOT used or collected with
the purpose to serve more relevant ads.
The ad-technology by AdMob makes use of
anonymous identifiers necessary for the
proper functioning of the service.
For more info about AdMob policies
please visit:
Google AdMob terms


SCDevs reserves the right to apply
changes to this policy at any time, please
visit this page to stay informed about the
privacy practices, you can check the date
of the latest review at the bottom line.


SCDevs takes the privacy seriously,
for more info and questions please
get in touch:

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Last modified: June 20, 2018